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Sogeco’s commitment to Quality, Safety, Health & Environment

Sogeco is committed to conducting its operations in a legal, ethical and responsible manner; it is Sogeco’s firm conviction that the long-term business of the company depends on our ability to continuously improve our products and services while protecting our people and the environment in which they work and live.

Sogeco believes that nothing is more important than QSHE, not sales, not profit; nothing is acceptable in one part of the world if, for QSHE reasons, it is not acceptable elsewhere.

Sogeco will play a leading role in promoting best QSHE practices in our industry and will publicly report on its performance.

Sogeco will promote a culture in which all employees, business partners, contractors will share this commitment.

Sogeco’s Quality, Safety, Health, &
Environment Policy

Sogeco manages QSHE matters as any other critical business activity.

Sogeco has a systematic approach to QSHE management ensuring compliance with the law and designed to achieve continuous performance improvement. Targets are set for improvement and measure, appraise and report performance.

It is Sogeco policy that working safely and protecting the environment is a condition of all employment.

Training is provided to all employees to enable them to work safely and protect the environment.

Sogeco has established a system of policies and procedures to promote the health and safety of personnel and protection of the environment and review these as warranted.

Within Sogeco, it is the responsibility of Line Management to implement the QSHE policy.

Sogeco does further manage its QSHE system through periodic audits to ensure compliance with and continuous improvement of operating standards.

Signed by: Sid’Ahmed ABEIDNA / Sogeco Managing Director