Transport Services

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Global Shipping
Sogeco works with the world’s top shipping lines in order to provide a global service to its customers. Sogeco can provide services from any origin to any destination, whether the cargo be containerised, break-bulk, project or bulk transportation.

Specially-focussed services are offered to the oil and gas industry, concentrating on the destinations most relevant to upstream, downstream and construction requirements.

Shareholders in Sogeco (Bolloré Group 50%) own several shipping lines connecting Mauritania with north-south and east-west trade routes.

Global Airfreight
Airfreight products have played an increasing role in the development of industry and production lines and a pivotal role in maintaining supply-lines.

Sogeco has many years of experience in the global airfreight business and has signed agreements with major airlines, thus enabling it to offer cargo space on a global basis and to connect Mauritania to all global gateways.

Sogeco covers every aspect of the airfreight business; scheduled, charter, consolidation and courier services, for example.

International Land Transport
Customers increasingly require door to door services. Road and rail services are the means of collection, delivery and (in many cases) international transportation. Planning and managing complex delivery schedules for projects and supply-line logistics is Sogeco’s daily task. Land services include modular movements, land-rig moves, pipeline logistics and express delivery services.

In Europe, Africa and America, Sogeco’s connection to the SDV network gives it access to extensive fleets of vehicles such as trailers, vans, modular equipment and specialist trailers. Sogeco offers surface transportation for any size and type of item from the smallest parcel to bulk aggregate deliveries.

Charter Shipping
There are times that liner-shipping services do not meet industrial requirements. It may be that a cargo is large and must be delivered directly to the required destination or that the liner services may be too slow, too infrequent or too expensive.

Some cargoes cannot be handled by conventional vessels and require specific chartered transportation means, such as heavy-lift vessels for project material, or semi-submersibles for rig moves.

Often the geographic characteristics en route to the cargo’s destination dictate the type of vessel that must be employed e.g. shallow draft or river loading.

Sogeco can be relied upon to offer clear and impartial advice and to provide the highest standard of global chartering services. Sogeco has exceptional contacts with the world’s leading charter operators.

Air Charter
Sogeco offers air charter services; both regular services on neglected routes and heavy-lift movements to or from remote locations.

Technical knowledge combined with hands-on experience enables customers to rely on Sogeco to offer a fast and efficient service.

Sogeco offers air charter services as part of overall logistics contracts, or as single one-off products.

Cargo Consolidation and Marshalling
Sogeco (through its association with the Bolloré Group) operates many global marshalling and consolidation services. Each of the many countries served by Bolloré has extensive warehousing facilities; some common-user; some dedicated to specific clients and their needs.

Consolidation and packing services meet the highest standards. Sogeco controls the consolidation and marshalling of materials for air, sea or land transportation. It provides these services regularly, from the smallest parcel consolidation for regular courier services to the largest handling facilities for project logistics.

Warehousing, Handling and Storage
With strategically-based warehousing and modern, mechanised handling facilities, Sogeco is able to offer storage and warehousing in Mauritania and worldwide.

Sogeco offers warehousing in many locations including hazardous storage. Sogeco can design, operate and build specific warehouses for clients with specialist needs.

The company warehousing is safe and secure and meets the varying needs of each of the many companies it serves.

Door-to-Door Transportation
As supply-line management develops, many of Sogeco’s clients want a “one-stop-shop” for their transportation needs. Sogeco recognises this and is happy to provide door-to-door logistics packages for its multinational clients.

The main benefit is a simple one-price solution to even the most complex of logistical movements, which will typically involve three or four (and often more) separate handling and transportation activities.

Computerised Tracking System
The Sogeco global network (through its shareholder the Bolloré Group) offers its clients ”track and trace” as well as inventory control systems. It specifies the most suitable design(s) to meet the client’s needs and will work together with the client to develop compatible software that will satisfy project supply-line and logistical demands.

Sogeco is always at your service to discuss your company’s particular needs.

Customs Clearance
An important part of the supply chain, customs clearance expertise is essential to ensure the timely delivery of materials to their final destination. Sogeco has extensive knowledge of local requirements and fully-qualified personnel with detailed knowledge of the World Trade Organisation’s harmonised tariff levies and any local Mauritanian interpretations of these.

Regarding clearance procedures particular to the oil and gas industry as well as the mining industry, Sogeco is able to guide companies through local requisite practices to highlight possible exemptions and areas benefiting from duty-drawback, to work through temporary import documentation and to explain any other applicable services.

Sogeco operates bonded warehouses, in which materials may be stored without incurring duty payments.

Documentation Services
Documentation is the key to every successful transportation procedure. The manner in which documents are processed and delivered is ever-changing. However, Sogeco prides itself on keeping abreast of documentation procedures requisite to the global supply chain.

Electronic documentation and Internet-based document products are more commonly in use worldwide. Where EDI is used by institutions (such as customs), Sogeco is linked up and active. In cases in which clients require electronic documentation, Sogeco is able to provide a full range of services.

Sogeco also has the ability to bridge the gap by providing electronic information where it is needed, and paper where it is required, often in the same transaction.

Sogeco offers all types of transport insurance from any origin to any destination for any product in any environment. In this function, Sogeco acts as the agent to protect the client’s interest, placing insurance with only the most reputable of underwriters on the customer’s behalf.

In addition to insuring cargo and materials, Sogeco also carries its own corporate insurance, covering legal liabilities, third parties, staff and property. Full details are available upon request.

Hazardous Materials
Any item defined by authorities as hazardous or dangerous must be handled, packed and labelled safely and according to the law. It must meet segregation requirements and be appropriately documented according to international standards.

In addition to governmental agencies, institutional bodies are often delegated the responsibility of ensuring that regulations are met and maintained. Such institutional bodies include the International Maritime Organisation, the International Air Transport Association and the United Nations.

Sogeco complies with all international and local regulations concerning the handling of hazardous materials of all classes. Many of its warehouses have segregation areas and all Sogeco sites have extensive experience in the safe-handling and transportation of all hazardous categories.

Personal Effects
Modern business requires a substantial international deployment of personnel implying considerable movement and traffic in personal effects. Efficient handling of these personal items is a significant motivator of company staff. It is very understandable that an executive on an overseas contract, with his / her family, will want his / her personal items to be delivered safely and securely, door-to-door, regardless of the posting location.

Sogeco recognises the importance of ensuring that whilst personal items are being moved by air or sea, the employee and his / her family are kept fully informed of the safe and efficient progress of these effects.

Sogeco can also transport consumables and supplies to areas that have no local sourcing.

Personal Services
Sogeco offers “meet and greet” services for all of its clients. The company can arrange for drivers to and from the airport or ship, personal effects’ handling and transportation, hotel bookings and many other services are available to ease the arrival and settling in of staff and crew at destination.

In Mauritania, the “meet and greet” service is essential, providing personnel with guidance on local customs and immigration, qualified drivers, assistance with baggage and a host of services that would otherwise be challenging to the unaccompanied traveller.

Stevedoring Operations
Sogeco is a member of the consortium of seven organisations that operates port and stevedoring facilities in Nouakchott Port. The system is well established and utilises inter-company investment, communications and assistance. Your cargo is controlled thoughout every step of the process.

Shipping Line Operations
Sogeco’s 50% shareholder, the Bolloré Group, owns and operates several shipping lines. The best known is CMA-CGM / Delmas; a carrier with direct sailings to West Africa from Europe and the Far East.

Other shipping lines include Midas Line, which connects India, the Arabian Gulf, South Africa and West Africa; and Setramar which offers services from Mediterranean Europe to West Africa. Delmas also offers cross-trading services connecting North America with the West African coast.

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Port Agency
Sogeco offers port agency services to many international shipping lines, charter vessels, tankers, supply vessels and bulkers in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou. It also provides agency services to drillships, seismic vessels and any other offshore service vessel.

Haulage and Distribution
Sogeco offers first class services in distribution and haulage. The company operates every type of vehicle from simple motorcycle delivery services for express parcels to its large fleet of heavy truck / trailer combinations.

Sogeco also has access to the largest heavy-lift modular trailer combinations. Sogeco can offer specialist services to aggregate distributors, pipeline contractors, manufacturers, the oil transportation industry and can offer the full range of regular services too, such as commercial road haulage and distribution.