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Project Logistics Management
Managing a construction project is a complex procedure requiring methodology, communication and, most importantly, planning. In a typical project scenario, a number of skills is required of an international freight forwarder including many specialist skills and systems.

The role of the project logistics provider is to ensure that, to the greatest degree possible, the site receives the materials required in good time and in perfect condition, and that site operations are not interrupted. Every component - no matter how big or small - must be accounted for, and IT systems and physical procedures must be agreed upon and executed accordingly.

Sogeco is experienced in managing logistical matters for major construction projects in Mauritania and by working with its shareholder, the Bolloré Group, offers in-depth global project logistics experience.

Heavy Lift and Oversize Movements by Sea
The oil and gas industry demands major haulage operations. Upstream activities require rigs, platforms and a range of subsea equipment. Downstream activities comprise modular installations; columns, pressure vessels and racks. Single pieces can range from hundreds to thousands of tonnes.

Sogeco and its shareholder, the Bolloré Group, know all global heavy-lift resources; carriers and specialist brokers, marine superintendents as well as local port and coastal authorities.

Many heavy-lift items and oversized pieces are destined for remote worksites, implying geographic or physical limitations and a need for detailed consulting and planning at the design stage of the logistics programming procedure.

Sogeco has, within its network, extensive experience in heavy-lift management including semi-submersible vessels, shallow draft movements and very detailed load-outs and module positioning.

Heavy Lift and Oversize Movements by Air
The latest generation of heavy lift aircraft can transport an ever-increasing payload. The huge Antonov and Hercules aircraft can move significant payloads whereas sky-hook helicopters can be used where landing fields are inexistent.

Within its network, Sogeco has a great deal of experience in managing these heavy-lift movements and works with carriers to detailed technical specifications.

Heavy Lift and Oversize Movements by Land
Inland movement of oversized or heavy items is one of the most challenging areas of logistics. Sogeco’s shareholder, the Bolloré Group, owns an extensive fleet of modular trailers in addition to those that it charters worldwide.

Sogeco has its own technical superintendents who can work out detailed plans for axle deployment, slings and pivots and who research routes thoroughly to ensure that any obstacle can be circumvented and that the cargo and surroundings remain safe.

Feasibility Studies
Working closely with principals and engineers, Sogeco is pleased to consult on project feasibility. Logistics is a significant issue, and there is little point in an engineer designing an item that cannot be delivered due to local limitations or infrastructural hindrances. Sogeco can offer solutions in design or provide infrastructural equipment and labour to achieve the task.

Sogeco’s local knowledge provides up-to-date information regarding other activities in progress in a given area, so that resources can be made available for the project. There are numerous areas in which Sogeco offers feasibility advice. Please contact the Sogeco office in order to discuss your scope of work.

Route Surveys
Route planning is essential, but a detailed route survey is all the more necessary when large or heavy loads are involved. Detailed technical surveys are a part of Sogeco’s skill base. This service is routinely included as an inherent part of any project scope. Sogeco takes port limitations, road surfaces, street furniture, obstructions, turning circles, safe overnight stops, security, fuel facilities, mobile workshop facilities, bridge and quay strength, axle weights, crew shifts, accommodation and a myriad of other details into account, as such information is essential to project success.

Modular Design Advice
Sogeco strongly advises clients to involve a logistics specialist in engineering design in order that the client gains an understanding of the limitations of aircraft, vessels and modular trailers as well as of the physical and geographical characteristics of the destination site.

A minor design change could potentially save time and money. For example, when dealing with large or heavy-lift modules, or with small skids or equipment where design must fit within the parameters of standard container dimensions, delivery can thus be facilitated and equipment in place already can be put to use.

Pipeline engineers understand the cost juggling between shorter pipe sections / more welds and longer pipe / higher delivery cost only too well. Design advice from a skilled logistics provider assists principals acquire the information they need in order to make an informed decision.

Site Delivery
In the project arena, site delivery is now a standard service. Sogeco can provide all of the vehicles, trailers and traction units required to deliver cargo to site and, at site, can supply cranes, fork-lifts; even warehouse / stockpile management systems and personnel.

Sogeco can also provide specialist equipment, container-jacks or pneumatics, modular trailers, pipe handling equipment and trailers, trombone trailers, etc. to guarantee safe site delivery.

Site Services
Physical handling of equipment is merely one of the on-site services available. Materials and warehouse management, maintenance facilities, supply-line management, refrigerated storage, mobile maintenance vehicles, waste disposal, hazardous materials’ storage and security are amongst the many site services available upon request.

As each site is unique, Sogeco’s services are tailored to the client’s individual requirements. Please contact your local Sogeco office to further discuss your specific needs. .

Sogeco offers project logistics services to principals, engineers, suppliers and contractors, each of which has its particular in-house operating standards and pre-qualification procedures familiar to Sogeco.

Sogeco welcomes the opportunity to assist in the pre-qualification process for any project activity. Sogeco plus its shareholders’ proven operating methodology, extensive project experience, HSE plans and computerised management systems are reviewable documents that can be input into tender submissions, thus providing immediate professionalism in these areas.

Executive Control Centres
Larger projects often require their own dedicated project team, which would act as a separate company and would be exclusively responsible to the success of the project.

The Executive Control Centre can be at any agreed location and may well involve client representatives or contractor staff. Through its global network, Sogeco can base project control teams in any regional Bolloré Group office, in order to facilitate efficient communications.

The Project Team
Working alongside the client or engineer, the Sogeco project team will typically have a dedicated project manager and a number of specialist co-ordinators each of whom is responsible for a specific section of logistics (import, export air, export sea, IT, land services etc).

Implant personnel, such as site or port supervisors for example, can be appointed to the client's office. Reporting adheres to agreed standards and methodology, often available electronically in real time.

The project team will introduce itself to all operators within the supply chain and maintain regular contact with them, including with the carriers and hauliers, customs and agency organisations. This team will draw on any necessary supplementary skills within the Bolloré Group’s global network.

Sogeco offers many levels of appropriately-qualified superintendence.

This can be made available at design and load-out meetings, ship and aircraft loading, container consolidation, packing sites, delivery sites, crane supervision, at quays and on barge loading, at tally points, module positioning and at any other place that the client would like an impartial and experienced eye.

Sogeco has a broad range of in-house superintendents and specialists, all of whom can travel globally.