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Supply-Line Logistics Management
Computerised materials management is a key issue for most supply-line services. The logistics system does more than merely track the cargo: It can offer valuable statistics on supplier reliability, inventory, actual transport performance and any repetition of error.

Managing a supply line is a matter of clear communication, clear procedures and a creative desire to improve the system. Sogeco and its shareholders have extensive global experience in supply-line logistics management and have often suggested innovative solutions to customers, thereby increasing their efficiency and minimising their costs.

Warehouse management in the supply-line is pivotal, as regular supplies must be forecast rather than betaken for granted. Reliable warehousing enables inventory control systems to be used to their best advantage. Vehicle deliveries and loading can be planned so that there is no lost time and so that equipment cost is minimised.

Health and Safety is paramount. Sogeco takes this issue very seriously and has a clear system in operation on all sites.

Inventory Control
Largely system based, inventory control can constitute the greatest single cash flow saving to a company.

In developed countries, the focus is usually on “just-in-time” delivery solutions, calling for detailed operational inventory management. In developing nations, inventory management depends upon the comparison between the benefits of inventory stockpiling on the one hand versus the cost of the materials stored on the other hand. Often, regional supply bases form a good solution.

Each supply-line has unique inventory requirements and Sogeco is committed to working closely with each client to identify best practice for each individual site.

Global Logistics Control
Increasingly, supply-line requirements are globally sourced and the client demands a logistics provider that can offer a uniform standard and a clear management procedure at every relevant location.

Sogeco’s shareholder, the Bolloré Group, has a sufficiently broad range of services and locations to be able to offer this with confidence. Materials from every part of the globe can be channelled through a controlled system to any site anywhere in Mauritania, no matter how remote. Reporting is effected through a single system, electronic or manual.

Supply Boat Services
Managing delivery to, loading and despatching supply boats is amongst the many services provided by Sogeco.

Sogeco offers agency and port management for supply boats, seismic contractors, coastal and offshore subcontractor vessels, FPSO’s, rigs and drill-ships. It has extensive contacts with port authorities and, through its key shareholder, the Bolloré Group, has experience as an independent supply base operator.

Sogeco can also assist with supply-boat chartering and husbandry.

Rig and FPSO Movement
Each and every offshore installation has its own unique requirements, both in terms of physical handling and in terms of dealing with documentary and governmental requirements. Sogeco is at your disposal to implement all associated services in Mauritania.

Base and Terminal Management
The Bolloré Group operates supply bases and terminals in several African countries, offering systematically-managed facilities and production supply logistics to offshore and onshore operations, seismic contractors and drilling contractors.

The Bolloré Group operates complex terminal management system for major oil and gas, mining and related construction projects, pipeline projects and the myriad of associated subcontractor services.

The combination of experienced management and personnel, advanced tracking and inventory control systems (often web-based), plus knowledge of the entire supply-line, allows Sogeco and the Bolloré Group to add value to their services.

Support Services
In addition to the physical movement of materials, Sogeco can often assist in providing support services to contractors, construction engineer and oil & gas and mining principals. Typically this may imply the hiring of cranes and fork-lift trucks for construction or refurbishment purposes, but Sogeco can also provide personnel services such as “meet and greet” at airports, transportation, crew movement, personal effects’ movement and travel agency facilities.