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Originally established in 1972 to provide modern vessel and cargo management services in Nouakchott Port, the company has expanded to become a sophisticated international service provider offering a wide range of facilities and skills.

The company is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of the country’s import and export markets as well as the increasing number of international investors working in Mauritania.

Sogeco is committed to modern Health, Safety and Environmental standards and operates an audited policy to ensure that all services meet international requirements.

The company’s 250 permanent staff in Mauritania use the latest software and communications tools to manage their offices, warehouses and facilities and in order to interface with the global network.

In order to guarantee that Sogeco’s customers obtain the best possible service around the world, Sogeco has formed global agreements with the Bolloré Group, one of the world’s foremost transport operators and the leading transport specialist serving Africa.

Sogeco’s Association with SDV and the Bolloré Group

The Bolloré Group is a 50% shareholder in SOGECO. The balance (50%) is owned by the Mauritanian directors, thus ensuring global service from a local company.

The Bolloré Group is a major international holding company based in Paris and is quoted on the Paris Stock Exchange. Annual transport turnover exceeds three billion Euros.

The Bolloré Group own numerous transport companies: The best known is SDV. Sogeco utilises the SDV global network of over 525 offices in 92 countries. Established initially in 1985, the Bolloré Group has grown by development and acquisition to be one of the world’s largest transport concerns and, undoubtedly, the foremost in Africa.

The group encompasses all forms of transportation through divisions and subsidiary companies all over the world. SDV and the Bolloré Group own numerous freight forwarding, stevedoring, distribution and transportation companies, as well as several shipping lines, airfreight organisations, brokerages, container management units and hauliers.
Sogeco Route de l´aeroport, Nouakchott, Mauritania (West Africa), PO Box 351, Tel:+222 45 25 40, Fax: +222 45 25 39 03